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Widowland by Pamela Manché Pearce published by Green Bottle Press

Pamela Manché Pearce’s debut pamphlet is a heartfelt, sometimes searing account of her thoughts and feelings since the death of her husband. The rawness is tempered with fresh and arresting images. There is love, frustration, loneliness and hope—human experience told through a specific circumstance. She takes the reader into this ‘widowland’with which anyone who has experienced loss can identify. As she writes in ‘Widow, falling:” ‘Tell me how to live this beautiful life./Tell me now./Help me to make bracelets from tin cans/Christmas wrap from toilet paper and potatoes cut into stars.’

The chapbook is titled Widowland because it is a terrain rather than a chronological point in time; it requires a map, or at the very least directions, to navigate, both emotionally and practically. It’s a place you can find yourself dropped into without expecting it, and these poems reflect the orientation and the journey through this landscape.

In the UK, to order your copy of Widowland please visit Green Bottle Press.

In the US, to order your copy of Widowland click here.

List of publications for poems in Widowland:

ARS/MEDICA (Toronto)



HUDSON VALLEY CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ARTS ‘Between I and Thou’ exhibition compilation.


THE WIDOW’S HANDBOOK: Poetic Reflections on Grief and Survival